Thursday, 9 June 2016

Gen3 Spot GPS rescue and tracking system

yes - Very pleased as I have been invited to become a "SPOT Ambassador" for the new Gen3 Spot GPS rescue and tracking system. 

So whilst this is a great headline, what does it mean. The Spot system over the last few years has seen steady improvement and now with the Gen3 the system seems to have reached maturity.

A Spot: is a GPS tracker which allows third parties to follow your routes, receive updates on your positions, even if you are out of phone reception (especially useful), send for help in the event of a breakdown to friends and family and most importantly alerts fast response rescue services in the event of a critical need/accident triggering rescue services.

Firstly the system provides almost real time tracking and recording of your travels and routes, Importantly in the event of an accident if you're unable to send a help message it records your last position so you can still be found even if you are down and out.

On a recent trip off-road enduro riding in the wilds of Sardinia, we were often many kilometers from potential road help and when doing something as risky as riding motorcycles in remote places the risks are obvious and ever present. having the Spot in the bladder pack is a great comfort.

I used the message and "I am ok" buttons every day sending Google Maps positions to friends and family who are on the preassigned list. 

With solo trips planned the Spot gives partners and myself  the huge sense of comfort provided by a PLB with the added features which make this a great basic comms tool as well.

Highly recommended and is now an essential part of the packed bags.

(PS my partner who is a great trail runner recently carried it on a solo run around Ben Nevis and Carn Dearg arete, a mix of scrambling and exposed running. I am glad she took it as it gave me the sense of comfort I wish when the boots are on the other foot) 


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