Friday 3 February 2012

Bike Choice

Ok I am now what I hope is half way there, so its now time to look at steeds. Choosing a bike like a hair cut defines who and how the world looks to you and visa versa. Also as I am discovering it can well define ultimate what you do with your two-wheeled freedom.

At the moment I am swithering between true adventure bikes of the GS style or VStrom style road cruisers. A good start I suppose is to decide what you don’t want. I am quite sure Harleys are out as are big street speed triple muscle bikes one does not go around corners to well and the other just frightens me too much.

On a fortuitous trip to Glenmore lodge (Aviemore Scotland) I happen to offer a lift to a lady whose car in in the garage for a service. On the way to her rendezvous I discover she has a 2006 VStrom for sale and in the course of the 15min journey she has made and offer, which is too good to refuse. So I don’t. The 650 Suzuki seems like an ideal starter bike so on the condition I pass my test the bike is mine. It has very low mileage and has been sitting cleaned in a dry shed unused for 3 years. A few days later I have my first look at the bike. It’s immaculate but its full of old dormant fuel and oil, the tires are soft and the battery totally flat, but it’s in great condition. I have a bike to dream about.