Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Sugru Rubber Glue

One of the main issues with any off road trip is breaking stuff with flying rocks, branches and crashes.  Whilst a handy roll of duct tape is great for road/trail side repairs, for a more permanent solution I have discovered Sugru https://sugru.com/about

It is a moldable rubber glue. It come is various colours in condom sized sealed packets in various multi packs options and colours. This amazing material from the UK, sets hard in about 12 hours if it is warm and gives a finish like a hard rubber. During the curing process it sometimes, if load bearing, needs support, but when it sets, gives a solid flexible (to a degree) rubberized seal and strong hold.

I have used the stuff to fix snapped indicators, create a smooth finish to an accidently snapped clutch lever and to protect wear points on my brake lines as they run over the aftermarket fairing. 

Yes black would have been less visible, but I have used the coloured Sugru to demo its uses. It is very versatile and highly recommended.  Packets of it now are permanently in my tool roll. 

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