Sunday 20 March 2016

Seasons End or Start

Today sitting in a Cafe in Megeve we watched a huge avalanche ripout to the ground and fall 400m down the mountain. The snow succumbed to a mixture of heat and its own weight being too much for the hill to support.  It was a fantastic sight, the sound also rumbles deep into the belly, a hair tingling visceral crashing and tumbling. Today however it filled me with sadness, it is the end of winter, the first day of spring, soon the ski tours will require a lot of elevation to be found, the powder days are gone and we have had a good winter. Ahead the touring will be sweaty and hot, the snow line receding fast. Thoughts of climbing, biking and motorcycling are front and centre. Another winter gone. So fast the time has gone. As we herald in the colours again it's the transition that seems so abrupt. White to brown and quickly green. Now we welcome in the season of ropes, roads and flowers. I am not sure I am ready.

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