Tuesday, 30 September 2014

KTM 690 Enduro R Bash Guard/Plate - Adventure Spec

The main body protection problem with the 690R is the plastic bash plate. Its not bad if you are just flopping around in the mud but if your trails are rocky or very rough then you'll want to protect your engine with something better.

Having looked at pretty much all the alternatives, including the KTM Powerparts plate, (which the machine should come with) The Adventure Spec plate comes out tops. 

It has a flat base so you can sit the bike on a stand
It protects the oil pump better than the competition
It protects the rear brake better than the competition
It's beautifully made (look at the welds)

It is also very easy to fit and then remove for servicing. 

It makes a rather hollow sound when the engine is running unless you damp the bolts with inner tube. 
(I have now strapped a tool tube to the front of the plate and the reverb has gone) 

It's a 10min job to fit and inspires confidence when riding.
Another great piece from Adventure Spec - Thanks

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