Thursday 14 August 2014

Morocco Late Spring 14


It's not often you manage to pull together 6 busy bikers and get them to commit to downing tools and heading off to Africa together.  But this spring we managed it. Organised by our local Yamaha dealer Moto74 in Sallanches, France using there linked travel company Anarouz Voyages from Geneva Switzerland, Greg, Will, Brain, Alun, Jon and myself headed to Marrakech in early May  to test our skills on the Yamaha 660 Tenere' that we were using for the trip. 

1300km later most of us had dropped the bikes at least once, and had gone through many moments of sweaty hot amazing riding. The full article will appear in the Sept edition of Bike Magazine in the UK, so I can,t give to much away here suffice to say, although heavy two of us on the trip have bought Yamaha,s and one more has bought a 660 Tenere' on recommendation. For my tastes coming from the F800GS the weight of the bikes was too similar for me to go for one. But once the Yamaha is up to speed it's more balanced, more capable off-road and more fun than the BMW.

On this trip we were followed by a 4x4 with cook, driver, spare machine in a truck and rode with a local bike guide. Hardly out-there in terms of comfort and the 5 hotels we stayed in over the 5 days of riding, all had swimming pools and most had importantly beer. For those wanting to dip into desert riding it was a great introduction and great value. The full article will be in Bike Magazine soon. Once it is published I will copy it here. 

In the mean time if you fancy a Moroccan moto trip which offers you good value without the need to ship your own bike try Anarouz Voyages.

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