Monday 21 May 2012

K60 Scout by Heidenau

I am busy preparing my BMW F800GS for a transalpine off-road and on-road adventure (details to follow later). However one of the questions that has perplexed me up until now has been tire choice. There are many blog threads, tweets and much other noise about which tire is the best off-road/on road mix. The majority of the information on the web is American where they tend to go for full knobblies, the bigger the better. However big Enduro bikes, also spend a deal of any trip loaded up with a lot of gear and travelling on tarmac, and most, if not all off-road tires don,t handle as well on the road, make a lot of noise and the riders feel a definite buzz through the handle bars. After much reading and searching I have opted to try the K60 Scout by the German brand Heidenau, they are a true 50/50 tire especially designed for big Enduro GS machines. They have just arrived today and they look great, deep tread but with enough rolling edge to suggest they with be cool on the road as well. Only time will tell and I am told I do need to run them in but these tires mark the first significant step towards preparing the bike for a high altitude late summer adventure.

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